It’s swelteringly hot, not a cloud in the sky and it truly feels like summer. And this year, for most of us, going abroad isn’t an option, so how about a stationery staycation?

We’re having staycations, too, and we thought we’d share some of the ways we’re using stationery to make them happier.

Morning journalling

So often in day-to-day life, there isn’t time to write daily, especially not in the hustle and bustle of the morning. A staycation is the perfect opportunity to start the day by writing.

You could try morning pages, started by Julia Cameron and much loved by me (Carla) for getting all your thoughts and dreams and muddles out onto a page, longhand, first thing in the morning. Morning pages and a cuppa truly is the best way to start the day. You could also write affirmations, or a list of things you’re thankful for. We love the Miracle Morning book to help with this, too.

Our favourite tools? Our “I’m going to change the world” notebook and a smooooooth writing pen.

Bullet journal staycation joy

We definitely maintain that bullet journals can be useful, beautiful or both, but that function comes above decoration for us. But what better time than a holiday at home to check in with your wishlists, update your book trackers, and plan the next few months?

Our Get Bulleting box, in Bold or Explore colourways, is the ideal way to start your bullet journal journey. And if you already have a bujo on the go, how about these fab highlighters?

Go back to bed – or stay there!

Holidays, at home or otherwise, are the perfect time to spend more time in bed. I don’t know about you, but mine is always at its most comfortable juuust as I have to get up.

So why not stay in bed with some papery inspiration? Make your favourite drink, find some snacks which don’t make crumbs, and take a pile of magazines, notebooks, stickers, sticky notes, scrapbooks and your pencil case back to bed.

Go on – this is your permission slip!

I’m not sure tools is the right word here, but our favourite accompaniments to a lazy papery day are Flow magazine and teapigs tea. We’re also very fond of our collection of sticky notes.

Try a new thing

If you’re like us, you probably love making things as much as you love stationery, but don’t always have time to try out new things or hobbies while life is running at full speed.

On staycation, normal rules are suspended! So pick something you’ve always fancied trying, and give it a go! Stationery-related ideas we’ve had include scrapbooking, calligraphy, treating ourselves to that fancy pack of markers we wouldn’t normally, sticker making, and Shrinkles.

Non-stationery related ideas would fill this whole blog and then some, but some low faff things which are easy to try at home include baking, salt dough sculpting, air clay sculpting, acrylic pouring (so satisfying!) and learning to crochet.

Try our Build Your Own Box section for a selection of delights which we add to regularly – there are some good scrapbooking bits in our stock stash!

Read a book (all afternoon)

Look, we’re both ex-librarians, we can’t help but wriggle books in everywhere! But seriously, chilling out with a book is the best way in the world to travel when you can’t. Losing yourself in the pages of a different world is nothing short of magical. And if you can do it outside or in a hammock, even better!

(Kindles totally count. But there’s something very special about a real, paperback book, dog-eared from repeated reading. And reading’s the perfect way to while away an afternoon with any sort of weather thrown at you, from muggy heat to pouring rain to epic thunderstorms.)

If you’re a regular reader, your biggest problem will be choosing which of the to-read pile to start first. If you’re not a massive reader, do you have an old favourite you could go back to?

Write a postcard to a friend

Getting postcards is one of the retro things we love the most. They’re much less faff than a letter. And extra brownie points if you can find one which is worthy of pinning on your noticeboard /fridge/vision board.

Just because you’re not going away, doesn’t mean you can’t send a postcard! Scribble a note to someone you love & haven’t seen for a while – you might just make their day.

Our Stay in Touch box is perfect for this, with seven beautiful postcards and a pen (which also writes very nicely, we have a thing about that).

What does your dream staycation look like? What stationery goodies would brighten your time off?