Stationery subscription box uk contents November 2019 |

Inspired by the clear cold skies and bright stars yellow and blue were theme colours for November.

Banana document wallets – document wallets have been a big hit in the Ink Drops office for keeping handfuls of paper under control. Christmas cards to write go in one, and today’s work in another. RRP £6.

Winter Fox card – we adored the wintery feel (but not yet Christmas feel) of the fox and the snowy landscape. RRP £ 2.50

Star stickers – and what are snowy landscapes without a few stars shining down on them? These were versatile and so useful for adding to gift tags, decorating envelopes and highlighting diary entries. RRP £1

Hippo sticky notes – need a big reminder? The problem with fun sticky notes is that there often isn’t enough space to write on! Not the case here! RRP £3.50

The world is wide card – And finally, at a time of year when we start thinking about absent friends and where we want to be in the future. RRP £2.50

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