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January is a month requiring cheer. Because it can seem a bit grey and dull after Christmas. But it’s also a month of new starts and plans to avoid cake. These were the thoughts going on when we choose these stationery delights for you.

Power Up Weekly Planner

Power up weekly planner with magnet - retro gaming theme - buy from

Of course, you wanted to be more organised in 2020. This colourful planning pad has a retro gaming theme. Basically, take it a week at a time and win your goals. There are 52 pages and it comes with 2 matching magnets. So clear space on your fridge and take control of your week. RRP £8. Buy the Power Up Weekly Planner now

Cake vs Cycling card

Cake Vs Cycling card - buy from

Whatever the changes you planned for January were we bet they involved more exercise or healthier eating or both! Share this with a chum who had similar plans and keep them feeling upbeat about their choices. RRP £2.50 Buy the Cake vs Cycling card now

Winter stickers

winter stickers - buy from

Robins aren’t just for Christmas. There’s a few weeks of Winter still to get through. so remind yourself to enjoy this chillier time of year and appreciate spotting robins, squirrels and pine cones by adding these stickers to notebooks, envelopes and planner pages. RRP £3.05 Buy Winter stickers now

Snowdrops Card

Snowdrops card - buy from

And on the subject of spotting seasonal signs in nature here’s a snowdrop card. Certainly, it would be perfect to invite a friend to join you on a snowdrop spotting expedition. Then follow up with lashings of cocoa and cake. RRP £2.50 Buy Snowdrops card now.

Key shaped pen

Key shaped pen - buy from - stationery by subscription

Traditional looking keys have a feel that is a bit mysterious. What do they open? What adventures will they lead to? And how awesome do they look on your desk? Or dangling from a finger as you consider your plans for 2020. RRP £1.75. Buy Key-shaped pen now

So have you seen something you like? Shop the January selection now