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Stationery selection for December 2019 from inkdrops. - stationery through your letterbox

Christmas seems a long time ago. But our December selection still looks appealing! Maybe because it’ll be a month or two before winter loses its grip!

Thank you cards

Saying thank you in writing becomes more significant at this time of year. And these small cards mean you can get straight to the point when expressing gratitude. Also, they look cute! RRP 2.99 Buy now

Cut out card

We rarely if ever feature actual Christmas cards in our selection for you. But we do like to select things with a broad seasonal feel. Especially when they have a cut-out design. This one ticked all the boxes! RRP 3.35 Buy now

Christmas tape

Paper tape with a jaunty festive theme. A jolly change from the Brussels sprout design that was everywhere. This was handy for wrapping gifts but also looked great for marking our sections on our planners. RRP £2 Buy now

Moose pencil

There’s a moose loose in this selection! RRP 1.25 Buy now

Winter Garden pop and slot scene

Such was our delight in our 3D advent calendar that we looked for something similar to add to our December. This delightful scene was our choice. Animals decorate a tree in a glasshouse. Hedgehogs snuggle up below ground. A seasonal decoration that could stay on display until spring. RRP 5.30 Buy now

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