April stationery subscription box

Butterfly Laser Cut Card

We love cutout cards but this might just be our favourite so far. How charming are the paper butterflies flying away from the open book? Surely this would be totally perfect for your book-loving friend. RRP £3.25. Unleash the butterflies now.

Cactus Sticky Notes

Sticky notes either tend to be on the dull side (regular shaped in a single colour) or wonderful but impractical to actually use. These manage to be suitably fun (it’s a cactus!) but also have a suitable space for you to actually write that reminder. RRP £2.50. Treat yourself to cactus sticky notes now.

Food Notebook

Is it a summer thing? Or just a lockdown thing? Basically, food is much on our minds right now. So this notebook is almost like having a menu in front of you. Plus it has a most pleasing 80s vibe. RRP £4. Indulge in the food notebook now.

Egg Pegs

Paperclips are wonderful things but pegs might just be even better. After all, with a paperclip you’ve got to sort of pull the 2 bits of wire apart and push the pile of papers in between. Pegs on the other hand simply require a quick squeeze and your papers are secure. They also look adorable on your desk. Choose between pink and green. RRP £1.50. Tidy your paperwork with egg pegs

Melon Birthday Card

How do you feel about seasonal birthday cards? As the weather warms up we definitely move towards sending cards with more summery themes. Hello, neon, beach scenes and big slices of watermelon. RRP £2. Buy the Watermelon birthday card now.

Found something you like? Individual items are in sale in the Ink Drops shop from 1 June.