Intention pages in a bullet journal were something I really struggled with. I hoped when I started with bullet journaling that I’d uncover hidden artistic talents and start drawing amazing daily pages. The truth is I’m more of a minimalist (although I do like coloured ink) with a focus on tasks.

February intentions spread

I really liked the idea of having a monthly intentions page to make me look at the bigger picture rather than focusing on my to list. My initial attempts left me with either an overcrowded page as I tried to use the headings from my weekly spread or daily spread. Or I sat there looking at a blank page because I could decide what to focus on. Puzzled I spent hours disappearing down related rabbit holes on the Internet, looking at hundreds of spreads.

Filled with inspiration I created a January intentions page with 4 items. If I feel overwhelmed by what I need to do then I look at the page for focus.

Try these 3 things to help with creating intention spreads

  1. Less is more. It’s better to have 1 intention to focus on than 10 that you won’t do. You want to be able to know what your focus is when you glance at your page. I found having a formula helped (an inspiring quote, a task focus, something to read and something from Happiness at Home, which I am working through month by month).
supplies for creating a bujo intentions page

2. Start cutting images from magazines that catch your eye. It was a small quote from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and an artist’s impression of Google’s headquarters that inspired my January spread. I keep my cuttings in a bag by my desk and empty them out at the start of every month to help me figure out what my intentions should be.

3. Get inspiration from others. Add a load of bujo blogs to your feed, or start following them on Instagram. It’s not about copying an entire spread but picking up an idea here and another there, then bringing them together to create something that works for you. Bujos should be useful and beautiful.

Happy bulleting!

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