A while back we were planning blog content (because we like to have an excuse to have planner and things). We got to February and made quite a few hmmmm noises before wondering if an early lunch might be an excellent idea.

How do you feel about February? Blog post from inkdrops.co.uk - Photo by Alina Kovalchuk on Unsplash

Post lunch we considered post ideas (because we had run out of excuses). There was a predictable post about how stationery is a lovely gift for your sweetheart. Or how you should buy yourself stationery for the occasion as a sign of self-love. Maybe, we mused, vintage love letters would be nice.

But then we got sidetracked into a conversation about February and what it meant to us. Sadly we weren’t recording so you can’t get our complete rambles but here are the highlights.

Things to be cheerful about in Febraury

  • February is a grey month but it can feel more hopeful than January
  • Valentine’s Day is like Christmas in that it provides a marker in the gloom.
  • Milestones that mark the parts of the year are important
  • It’s a reason to be able to draw hearts on our planners and wear themed clothing
  • The month is short but has the excitement of an extra day every 4 years which makes it seem special.
  • It might snow which still seems special and an excuse for hot chocolate and cosiness.
  • Hibernation (and presumably Hygge) is still ok but you can go out and spot the first spring flowers too.

So our end conclusion? To take the opportunity February presents to stay cosy, enjoy the outdoors (in limited amounts) and embrace heart-shaped decoration opportunities.

P.S. If you do find yourself moved to purchase stationery in February may we suggest one of our themed ‘I Love…’ selections, a monthly subscription (with printable gift certificate), or the adorable 3-4-5 Pink (with flamingos and tulips).

Photo by Alina Kovalchuk on Unsplash