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… sigh. The return to work always feels rough, doesn’t it? And Easter is a particularly sneaky bank holiday where you get two whole extra days off, and somehow that makes it even harder to go back.

However, I have come up with some ways to beat this sneakiness and bounce into work on Tuesday! Whether you work for yourself or someone else, these should have you as sparky as a spring lamb…

Firstly, schedule something lovely for the week ahead. This could be as simple as a lunchtime cuppa or stroll with a friend at work or organising to meet some of your favourite people for dinner or drinks one evening. It could be cooking a new recipe, or treating yourself to an uninterrupted bath. Or dedicated crafting time… the possibilities are endless!

Letters ready to post after a bank holiday weekend |

Next up, make sure you have written some letters to post. This has double benefits. You will make someone happy with the card, letter or postcard you’ve written to them. And you will have to walk to a postbox which will get you out of the office or away from the shop floor for a little while. What’s not to love?

Lastly, set yourself a reminder to go to bed early tonight. Lots of sleep is a magical thing. As well as feeling incredibly luxurious and a bit naughty, it will mean you wake up on Tuesday full of energy and ready to take on the world!

What are your best tips for surviving the first day back after time off?