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Ahhh, fountain pens. They’re not always terribly practical, and I inevitably end up with inky fingers, but I can’t keep away from them.

There’s something about the way they glide over the paper. Also the rainbow of inks that are available now makes my heart happy!

I’ve been a fan of the Kaweco Sport for quite a long time now. This is partly because it’s small and has the option of a double broad (!) nib. And possibly because most importantly it SCREWS SHUT. So it doesn’t leak all over everything when I fling it in a bag or pocket.

It’s the perfect out & about pen, and I am often to be found fishing one of mine out of my pocket on the go.

Heavy metal pens

But… I really love heavy metal pens (ahahahah, pens that are metal and heavy, not musical pens). While plastic Sports are very portable, they don’t have the weighty feel in your hand.

Imagine how excited I was to discover a brass version!! I suspect this has actually been around for a while as I vaguely remember seeing it at a trade show ages ago, but I treated myself to one during lockdown and oh, it is a wondrous thing.

It’s small enough for a pocket, big enough to write normally when posted (the cap on the back), and it has that blissful smooth extra broad nib I love so much. You can of course buy it in a normal-sized nib if you’re not as weird as me.

It stays together in my pocket (because no one uses handbags anymore, right?), it takes standard-size cartridges, it’s retro and modern at the same time, and it just feels really nice to write with – I am extremely pleased. It also seems to be basically indestructible, which is a good thing for anything which belongs to me…!

I’ve been using it for everything from signing documents (dull) to writing in my bullet journal (essential) to planning the rest of 2020. Inking in plans is now a distinctly risky thing to do, given how the first three quarters of this year have been!.

And have found the perfect ink to go in it, too – Graf Faber Castell’s Electric Pink. My usual signature ink is Diamine Marine so I can see myself using a combination of both.

Currently, we don’t sell any of these! I just wanted to enthuse because fellow stationery addicts will know the joy of the perfect pen.

Do you have a favourite pen?