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Relabelling the tabs on your greeting card organiser makes it easy to find cards and adapts the organiser for your lifestyle

Many years ago, (back in the dark ages Woolworths still existed) I decided to get organised and purchased a greeting card organiser. While it sounded very grand, it wasn’t.  Essentially it was a box. Admittedly it was a pretty box and it came with tasteful dividers for various cards and a birthday book.  It also came with a small number of cards and I was delighted that I had solved my problem.

Only I hadn’t really. I’d just postponed dealing with it. I had to remember to look in the birthday book regularly and see who had a birthday approaching. The dozen cards it came with were initially useful. However, I soon used them up. So then it was back to remembering to buy cards to store for when I needed them. Or once again trying to find a supplier on Etsy who had enough variety in design to make bulk buying a reality.

Since then certain types of cards seem to have bred in their compartments. I have a glut of retirement and new job cards.  Plus a puzzling assortment of cards that don’t seem suitable for any occasion (except a tasteless card competition). And envelopes seem to vanish quicker than cards.

It’s enough to make me want to consign the whole thing to the recycling bin. Then I could start again.

My perfect card organiser

And what would my dream card organiser look like? It would have a divider for each month and a space for general card storage at the front. There would be a little pouch for stamp storage. And another place to put glitter, sequins, stickers and any other goodies that I might include. I could then put cards into each month as appropriate, check the general section at the front to fill any gaps and be certain of who I was missing a card for.

It still wouldn’t solve the questions of actually buying the cards (unless it could incorporate some kind of genie who filled it up and reminded me)  but it would make the whole thing more organised and more pleasing. Instead, I put reminders of upcoming dates on Wunderlist (now Microsoft To Do), haunt card shops in an indecisive fashion and decide that I could do with my own Ink Drops subscription!

Card subscriptions from Ink Drops

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