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Who doesn’t love post-it notes and stickers? And lately, to add to the joy of sticking things, there’s also washi tape… glorious, addictive, washi tape.

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Aside from their general appeal, summer can be a nightmare for crafting & bullet journal fans. Your Pritt stick dries up. Then your carefully curated stack of paper flies everywhere when you switch on your fan. And it’s just generally too hot for crafting that requires lots of effort.

With this in mind, sticky things seem to be the ultimate summer crafting activity. So we’ve created the Sticky Stuff mini subscription.  It’s a bargainous £10 a month including p&p, for three whole months, which takes you through to autumn.

While we’re keeping the exact contents a surprise, each month is packed to the brim with stickers, sticky notes and tape galore – perfect for summer journaling. (I actually really like using stickers to illustrate my daily activities when I’m busy!).

You can order yours by clicking here or by heading over to the shop in case other things also tickle your fancy!

Happy sticking!

P.S. in response to you lovely lot wanting to gift the mini subscription (but not now because people’s birthdays are at all sorts of times in the year), we have decided to restock the London mini subscription too. And we removed the deadline to buy too. So you can now get your mitts on a London Love