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A tidy desk is a sign of a tidy mind. Here’s where things are with us based on what’s on our desks!

Writing with:

Annastasia: Using a highlighter to mark off my job list my latest productivity hack! A blog post about how amazing this discovery has been is in the works.

Carla: savouring summer mornings with my favourite fountain pen (the Kaweco Sport brass. With pink ink!)

Current planner:

Annastasia: my Passion Planner weekly with a supporting cast of notebooks. However, my use of sticky notes is slightly in decline.

Carla: I’ve abandoned the Filofax temporarily in favour of a weekly tear-off planner – it feels more manageable.

Current beverage of choice:

Annastasia: Nettle tea to ward off hayfever. All things considered, It tastes a bit like green tea and seems to be doing the job.

Carla: homemade milkshakes – a stick blender and a big jug work surprisingly well!

Recent read:

Annastasia: The secret diary of Miss Anne Lister. This is just fascinating reading. To begin with, I was so taken by the idea of the secret code that I imagined myself decoding it until I saw a page of tiny symbols! I loved how little life seems to have changed in some ways. So Anne worries about what people think of her, gets behind in writing her diary and indexes and goes for lots of walks. Some of the entries would not have been out of place now on a blog or social media feed and that this is the case does suggest that LGBTQ rights have moved on at least a bit.

Carla: I’ve been struggling with a lack of reading mojo for the whole pandemic and it’s recently returned, so I’m being very gentle with it. So I’ve mostly been reading photography books and plotting self-portraits, and started a favourite Cathy Bramley novel too.

Can’t stop thinking about:

Annastasia: Finally getting around to making and devouring these PB&J ice-cream biscuits!

Carla: Hares! I’ve always loved them for their magical, wild associations, and my very favourite necklace is a silver leaping hare I made a couple of years ago.  I have noticed they’ve been sneaking into my life more ever since. Currently, they’re on my handbag, my placemats, my tablecloth and my calendar for this month… where will I spot the next one?

What’s your current state of desk?