links for February 2018 from - stationery by subscription - Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash

February is a month that takes one by surprise; even more then Christmas creeps up on you. It’s a month that initially seems full of hope after the gloom of January. It holds the promise of pancakes, valentines and the first snowdrops. What it also has in store is biting cold and a reminder that spring is probably some way off. So don’t fling back the blankets too soon. Stay cosy and give yourself a  break to browse the below.

Stay cosy links for February

Ok if you insist you can leave the warmth and safety of the sofa and go on a snowdrop walk (pick up some more biscuits and the Sunday papers on your way back…). I always think it’s like the British equivalent of cherry blossom viewing.

With Valentine’s Day lurking I can’t help but think about the relationships in my life and why they’ve worked (or not). This piece on why successful relationships work is a pretty interesting read.

Need an excuse for hoarding stationery? Happily many pieces that demand house room are ideal for organising space in the kitchen, bathroom and lounge thus justifying their continued residence.

Looking for a suitable point to kick start those habits you started in January (which trailed off in February – it’s ok; blame the weather!)? Why not make the first day of the spring your new starting point? And you get a choice of 2 dates!

I love vintage valentine cards because they are so cute but these are a bit more alarming!

Embrace a few more weeks of hibernation (with periodic trips away from the sofa or even outside) because that’s what now is about.

P.S. If you want to treat yourself without leaving the sofa our 5th birthday surprise box is still on sale

Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash