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The Silly September sale - we're decluttering our notebook, postcard and greeting card stocks - delightful stationery dropped through your letterbox

September has got us thinking about decluttering, our ongoing quest for early nights and Ink Drops turning 5 in October. The decluttering seemed the ideal place to kick-off. Our list of decluttering spaces started off innocently enough with desks, files and computers. Then we got the bit between our teeth and thought it might be time that we had a stock declutter too. And what’s the best way to declutter? Why not have our own version of a garage sale?

Having one fresh start a year (you know where you make unreasonable promises to yourself that you then abandon) is no longer enough. Apparently, September is the new January. Only you’ve got a 4-month deadline, a suntan and Christmas to look forward to. Unlike actual January where you’re recovering from an overdose of mince pies. Plus you’ve spent weeks wearing a onesie and only have months of greyness ahead of you.

Silly September sale

Our Silly September sale kicks off, unsurprisingly on 1 September. To keep it simple we’re offering bundles of notebooks, greeting cards and postcards.

Stock up on notebooks with 5 for £7, postcards at £3 for 6 and greeting cards are 10 for a fiver.

Prepare for the rest of 2017 by stocking up on stationery supplies.

Make a note in your diary

So pop a note in your diary (not your dairy) right now. Our sale starts at 9 am on Friday. Of course, with Ink Drops HQ moving towards a more streamlined look we can focus on getting an early night. Undoubtedly, this gives the impression we sleep among the boxes of stationery. To clarify, we do not if we drift off to the smell of new paper and scented erasers. Then we can focus on working out how to best celebrate being 5 (if Ink Drops was human it would have started school by now).

If you need some decluttering inspiration have a look at how we tackled it in 2015, or read about our previous approach to September.