So Carla and I were looking back over the summer. A sort of review because summer never works out the way you think it will. We got to talking about spending time outside. I was pleased that I’d done more morning walks in the sunshine but less time out in my garden. Carla gave herself a gold star for taking breaks in the garden.

But we realised during our conversation that we’d worked outside a lot less this summer. In the past, we embraced this with great enthusiasm. So what changed this year? This is what we came up with:

  • It was really hot which was awesome. It also made working in a cooler location inside appealing.
  • Our work increasingly required a screen. It’s hard to see a screen in the bright sunshine.
  • Work that involves piles of papers, items of stock and other various accessories in more difficult to do outside.

Working in the garden is lovely but clearly, it’s something that doesn’t happen without effort. Time for us to put a sticky note on the screen with a reminder to go outside and work without a screen.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash