When Carla and I have been chatting during recent months the conversation seems mainly to revolve around how busy everyone is. And how unlikely to change this is in 2016.

Everyone has embraced goal setting and planning in order to get what they they want. There’s a real enthusiasm for working out what you want to achieve and working towards it. Even the most unexpected people have told me in conversation that they have specific goals for the year that go beyond ‘win a pub quiz’ and ‘avoid hangovers’.

Which left us thinking about what we might want from 201. The thing we both came up with was more time. More specifically, we wanted more time for reflection on what worked and what didn’t.

We’re both enthusiastic about goal setting and planning and will throw ourselves at our target. However, we never seem to take very much time to look at which technique works best or why.

So one late night after rather a lot of coffee the One Thing at a Time plan was hatched.

We are going to try out a different approach to time management each month. Then we’ll take the time to see if it worked for us. Additionally, we’ll consider if we could make use of it on a more regular basis.

We’re also going to try and create what we’re thinking of as the Ink Drops rules for life! These are heuristics: rules of thumb that make the decision for you and so hopefully make life a little bit easier.

We’ll be starting work on the One Thing at a Time plan on Friday so do join us and join in.