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It’ll come as no surprise to hear that my paper addiction stretches to include some magazines as well as stationery and books.

Not the typical celebrity-focused ones, but the ones that are a delight to discover and a joy to peruse. The ones that embrace and honour the values I find important. And the ones which I can savour and re-read, much like a favourite book.

Pretty Nostalgic is one of these.

I first found it quite by accident, after a chance remark from Mimi and serendipitous tripping over it in my lunch break the following day. 

I’ve been a devotee ever since. It encompasses so many of the things I believe in and am working to have in my life. Its motto is “Spend wisely, waste less, appreciate more”, What’s not to love?! The most glorious, thick, wonderful-smelling paper is used for printing. Perhaps that’s the ultimate hallmark of a paper geek?!

Then Nicole, the editor,  turned the magazine into a society. We had the chance to become business members. Of course, we jumped at the chance.

And now she has released the latest issue. An issue that just happens to feature an article and photographs from Ink Drops. Additionally, it’s free to read online. This means that more people can experience the nostalgic magic.

You can read it here ~ . And if you like it (which I’m certain you will), become a member and we might see you at one of the regional meetups over the coming months!