I Love Harry Potter – Moleskine & Sparkling Ink Bundle


Get your hands on the limited edition Marauders’ Map Moleskine notebook – for Harry Potter fans and mischief makers everywhere. We’ve paired it with a bottle of our favourite ink, Diamine’s sparkling green Magical Forest.

It’s almost as good as your own Hogwarts acceptance letter…

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Please note the wand and Hogwarts photo frame are not included in the bundle (but I am definitely waving the wand around our office shouting “Accio” and hoping things will zoom towards me).

Bundle specs:

  • The Moleskine notebook is size large, which is around A5 (ish).
  • It has printed endpapers and contains exclusive stickers
  • Diamine’s shimmering fountain pen ink is a beautiful green with sparkling particles suspended in it. There’s 50ml of it which will keep you going for ages unless you try and paint your bedroom walls with it.
  • It requires a good shake before use, is safe for use in a fountain pen, and can also be used with a dip pen or brush.

You should also be aware that this comes via Royal Mail or its equivalent, rather than Owl Post – we didn’t want to risk the office owl smashing the ink bottle and making a mess!

We are in no way affiliated with JK Rowling or Warner Brothers. Just couldn’t resist when our Moleskine supplier popped up with these beauties!

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