January that was supposed to be a new start has been and gone. How did you get on with creating new habits and making your life work for you? If it all worked out that’s fantastic. But if it didn’t (yes we slipped too) then February is another new start. Take some time to think about what was successful and what wasn’t. Then think about why and make it easier to do. No one wants to take up habits that are hard work!

Spread the sticky note love

Gather up all your sticky notes and put them to use. Don’t hide them in a drawer or let them lurk in your desk. Use the, Enjoy them. Distribute them around your home so that you can always make a note and write a reminder. Ensure that you then take action then by gathering them up one day a week going through them.

Look ahead

Look at the next 3 months and make a list of significant events. So birthdays, anniversaries and anything else. Then plan to order cards and gifts. You’ll be ahead of the curve – and won’t be caught out by lockdown.

Designate days

If the days seem to be blending onto each other (a common thing at this time of year even without lockdown restrictions) start blocking out time to mark parts of the week. Could Tuesday lunchtime be when you brew up that expensive coffee and savour the taste? Or Saturday morning be the time you enjoy updating your Good Reads account and downloading new e-books?