Brightly coloured eggs in a box with text that reads 'organisational tips for April' -

How are we getting organised in April at Ink Drops Towers? As every it all starts with lists but taking breaks is also going to be a feature of the month. Carla is going to be out and about enjoying time on the water with her kayak. Annastasia is shaking up her morning walk routine and making time for reading after lunch. Here are some of the things that we’ve been talking about to make April run more smoothly.

Look at what you haven’t done

It’s a third of the way through the year so look back through your year plans and see what has changed since the start of the year. Do you still want to do everything? Have some things lost their appeal? You don’t have to do them. If they are totally necessary then think differently about how to approach them. Try breaking it down further, doing it at a different way or crowdsourcing ideas on how to achieve it.

Round up the strays

Collect stray pens from around your abode and check to see which ones work. Then redistribute the remaining ones to locations where they will actually be useful. No more having the choice of a non-working biro or a neon yellow highlighter to take notes when you’re on the phone.

Are you backed up?

Take some time to think about what you’d do if your phone, tablet and computer all stopped working. How would it impact your daily life? Do you have the data backed up anywhere? What information and functions do you need?