Happy new year, loves!

2019 is here, and with it is something we’ve been working on for a while – #loverealletters – our own love letter to real letters.

Real post is something special in the overwhelmingly digital age, and getting a letter to open is so much more exciting than yet another notification popping up on your phone, right?

So we are declaring 2019 the Year of the Real Letter – and kicking off with an Instagram challenge. We know, the irony! But it is a great way to reach more people and spread the word.

Here are the month’s prompts, which you can use however you wish – we’ll be sharing some of ours and some of yours throughout the month:

love real letters campaign from Ink Drops - January's daily prompts | Ink Drops stationery subscription box UK | inkdrops.co.uk

We have letter kits, letter writing salons and all kinds of stationery-based delights planned for this year, so stay tuned – and keep an eye on our Daybook newsletter too! And tag #loverealletters and #inkdropsbox in your posts – we love seeing what you’re up to!