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Way back in May, Ink Drops took our typewriters along to the Make Me Joyful letter-writing salon. While I was there I wrote several letters. Mainly to friends offering thanks for their friendship, sunny thoughts and support during tricky times ahead.

I also wrote another letter to myself. This one was somewhat longer. I got into the flow of writing, enjoying the weight of the pen in my hand, and my green ink covered a number of pages. Then I addressed it to myself, added a do not open until  to the back, and popped it in the postbag.

photo (14)

My friends received their letters in due course. They were delighted to have been in my thoughts. My letter arrived and I hid it under a pile of things to deal with in my top tray. I came across it several times over the summer but forgot about it almost entirely until I did my latest round of catch-up (thinking I might need some kind of ‘clear tray’ policy), and there it was.

Opening a letter to myself

 I was almost loathed to open it. But I did. And then I came face to face with myself. I was, firstly, happy to note that I hadn’t stinted on decoration and that my handwriting was legible. In fact, I rather liked the way my words looked on the page.

photo (15)

Although it’s been a relatively short period of time the ‘me’ of May seems extremely distant. Yet I’m still enthusiastic about the same things as then. Knowing that one is consistent has a certain comfort.  I’ve also noted that some of the things I trying to resolve then I haven’t dealt with. However, some things I am no longer worried about! Although my wording suggests I was in May. 

With less than 2 and a half months of the year to go, I’d suggest having a go at this yourself. Write a letter for opening on the first day of 2014.  Write about things you are currently excited about, but also the things you are struggling or unhappy about. Take time to decorate the letter and the envelope. Decide when you will open it. Put it in the post.

 Come January you’ll have the delight of opening this snapshot of time, and something to help you decide what you want to do differently, or keep on doing the same, in 2014.