Tips on how to write Christmas Cards from

It’s time to write Christmas cards. It sounds like a fun festive activity until you actually have to tackle it. Then it seems like a huge tedious task. Questions fill your procrastinating mind. How many cards do you need to send? Should you go out and buy cards first? Or make a list of people to write them to first? Happily, there’s nothing we love more at Ink drops HQ then creating a list so here is a step by step guide to writing cards.

Get started!

  1. Are you sending actually cards or e-cards/ Or a combination of both? If you are sending e-cards then steps 3, 8, 11 and 12 are still possibly useful.
  2. Dig out any cards you already have. Feel free to include blank cards that have a suitably festive feel.
  3. Make a list of everyone you might possibly want to send a card to. Think broadly – family, friends, neighbours, members of social groups or clubs, work colleagues, penpals. If you have time you might want to do this over several days.
  4. Time to go through your list. If you have a significant other you will want to do this together and if you have children why not get them involved? Remember this is a fun, festive activity!
  5. Nest, go through your list and put people into the following groups: overseas, UK post, hand delivery. Feel free to remove people on your way through.
  6. Work out how many cards you need for each group, then purchase extras if necessary.
  7. Allocate your supplies. Start with the overseas group. These will need to be posted first. Of course, they will also likely need the largest envelopes – save the teeny tiny cards for hand delivery. Allocate cards to each of the 2 other groups.
  8. Set a date to write the cards for each group (see step 5) and chase up any unknown addresses. If you do each group over 1-2 evenings this week you can be done by the end of November. Add to your planner.
  9. Write the cards. Spend time digging out metallic gel pens for this task before realising that they no longer work. Switch to a reliable fountain pen. Take time and recall happy memories of each recipient as you (or your partner or children) write the card.
  10. After writing and addressing, take the cards to the Post Office after covering with festive stickers. The Post Office website has last posting dates but don’t put it off!
  11. File your lists of recipients for future use and put away any spare cards.
  12. Pat yourself on the back for completing this task (what’s next?) and imagine the delight when your festive missives are opened.