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Making a summer bucket list is a pretty standard thing for a blog post to suggest. And it’s a great idea in theory. It’s a way of encouraging yourself to do something out of your usual routine. It’ll make this the summer that you get tickets for that show, go to that exhibition or wear that neglected summer outfit (the awesome one in hot pink!). And then September rolls around and you’ve not done a thing.

It’s taking action on them that counts though. So not actually writing your list turns out to be easy. Researching ideas results in you disappearing down a Pinterest rabbit hole seeing what other people are putting on theirs. Or to fill it up with things you think that you should do but aren’t really that keen on.

Writing the list with a long eye on the future is fine but won’t it be grand if you could turn some of your aspirations and dreams into memories? Here are our thoughts on how to get the ball rolling.

Make the list!

Firstly, grab one of your many notebooks and a pen and get started now. We’ll wait right here. No detours to check social media just splurge your thoughts onto paper. While you’re writing don’t worry about whether you will actually be able to achieve any of things. That’s not the point.

Leave it out

Of course, you have our permission to leave out anything that you feel you should include unless it’s something you would like to do.

Narrow it down

Next, pick some favourites off the list. The ones that really jump out and make your mouth water. Highlight them, put a mark next to them (or get destructive and cross out the ones you have no intention of doing right now).

Pick one

Then choose your  favourite favourite and make that your summer thing. At this point, put it in your planner. Google it. Do whatever you need to do to take the first step right now. In other words, this is actually going to happen. 

And then…

Repeat as required. Maybe you’ll do your one thing all summer over and over again. Or it’ll be a one-off thing that you’ll happily look back at. The important thing is that you took action and did something for yourself. That might just be self-care in action.

What’s your summer thing going to be?

P.S. From time to time, add new things to your list.