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Are you ready for the clocks to go forward?

It’s that time of year when mornings get a little bit brighter and afternoons last a little bit longer. But just as you’ve gotten used to enjoying the sight of the daffodils on your way to work thinking that spring has officially arrived…pow!!!

The clocks go forward for British Summer Time and it’s back to dark mornings.

Fear not though. You’ve only got to live with it for a few weeks. Then the longer days that we associate with summer are back. In the meanwhile to help you rise and shine, we’ve got a wake-up giveaway for you.

Our chums at Zabu Coffee have given us some delicious coffee to jolt you awake. And we’ve teamed it up with a notebook and pen to help you ‘do it earlier in the day’ (or at least plan to). Because it’s easier to shine in the darkness!

It’s easy to enter. Just comment on this post by midnight on Easter Sunday 27th March 2016 and we’ll pick our winners at random.