In a delightful twist of irony, I have been so busy setting up & using my bullet journal, I utterly forgot to blog about it last week. The best laid plans…

As I’ve finally left my day job to focus on my businesses full time, I had a lot to squish in this month, and my layouts have changed slightly to accommodate this. I fully expect them to adapt over time as my work habits do, however:

August bullet journal planning |

So, what is in my August layouts?

Monthly calendar

I find it much easier to see how busy or otherwise I am if I have a month layout in whatever planner I am using. Currently, I have been printing one each month from Bullet Journal Joy.

Habit tracker

I’ve been rubbish at completing these lately, but working between home & my studio, while also shooting, editing & having a social life means I need to make sure I am doing self care properly. In this case self care is less bubble baths and more taking my allergy medication consistently, swimming as often as I can and eating proper food!

You can get your own free Ink Drops habit tracker over here.

Life & Business Lists

My master lists of Stuff That Needs Doing This Month come on the spread immediately after the calendar & habit tracker. Sometimes a page for each, this month a spread for each!

Daily Bullets

And then of course the daily bullet lists ! I’m experimenting with stencils as I can’t draw to save my life, but just keeping track of things and making sure I don’t miss anything, using the standard bullet journal system and a few specific bullets of my own.

Specific Lists & Tables

Currently, enquiries for each business & their status as well as a financial tracker. There’s also a list of what I have ordered recently and when it should arrive. And some notes on my fluffy cat Clover’s behaviour as she’s off to the vet again on Thursday.

Reasonably simple – but hopefully will enable me to stay organised as I make this massive and much-anticipated life shift!

What does your August bujo look like?