We’re making use of the erratic summer weather to dictate our day’s activities. So if it’s warm then we spend more of the day enjoying outside activities – walks, lounging in the park with a book and swimming in very cold water! We know that a run of super sunny days is unlikely to last for very long so it’s good to enjoy them while we can. And it’s more of an incentive to spend the grey days at a desk.

In other summer days related news, we’ve realised we have tons of clothes that are only suitable to wear for about two weeks of the year. We spend the other 50 in the same PJ bottoms. These we variously refer to as yoga pants, lounge pants and jogging bottoms. 🤣

Do you have the feeling that summer has only just have arrived and it’ll be gone before you know it? Someone referred to us as being halfway through summer the other day and that created a flutter of panic.  With the summer solstice now past I feel a real urge to make the most of morning walks. I know that in no time I will be walking in the gloom and the cold rather than warmth and sunshine with flowers to admire.

Making the most of time is surely why stationery exists. It means you can plan, remember and get the boring things done. Which means you can really enjoy the fun things like kayaking, lunch with friends and reading.

Keep on enjoying summer!

P.S. Our August stationery subscriptions ship on the 14th and you only have until the 7th to sign up…