Frog  - ready to relax?

I’m keen on the little and often approach to working. Many small tasks scheduled each day. On any given day I’ll be completing a mix of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks.

With most of these, I carefully choose the day or date to schedule them to avoid an overfull job list. There is a tendency to overestimate what you can do in a day. Hence I imagine you will be no stranger to the overfull job list. You, probably, like me are perplexed that you always seem to have work to carry over.

However, something appears to have gone awry with my end of December tasks. I seem to have anticipated a chunk of time with nothing much to do. And while doing nothing much might be on my actual schedule my planner disagrees. It’s a bit on the full side, to be honest.

Obviously some of the tasks are time-dependent. I can’t really put them off or double up next week. My end of month and end of year reviews need to be done at this time. And clearing off my pinboards and wiping down my chalkboards (after taking a photo) seems reasonable late December activity.

But there’s no really good reason for me to have scheduled clear out of pretty much every electronic folder I have access to from my laptop to assorted email accounts! And then add in a few file boxes for good measure.

Last time this year I must have been feeling really bored. Or wasn’t feeling nearly as relaxed! I could push on but instead, have done some careful rescheduling across 2020.

P.S. Put some downtime days in your 2020 planner now