What will be in our monthly selection of stationery is a surprise. Unless that you choose to sneak peek at a photo of what the contents will be. And here’s a closer look at what we included in the July mailing for your delight.

July 2019 stationery subscription box, showing a to do list pad, a letter opener, a cactus birthday card, some Alice in wonderland stickers and a sandcastle card - inkdrops.co.uk

Cards are a very important part of our mailings each month. A picture speaks a thousand words and a card with the right image can say it all!

Sandcastle card

With this in mind, we included this delightful sandcastles card. Just the thing for sending to friends or relatives reminiscing about the glorious times you’ve enjoyed on the beach together. Or for inviting them for a day of sandcastles building – bring your own bucket and spade. RRP £2.50

Cactus card

And further card fun was in the shape of this colourful cactus wishing happy birthday from the ever-vibrant Forever Funny. RRP 2.50

Letter opener

Of course, having the right tool for the job is what leads to a stationery collection! Amazingly despite having sent out monthly mailings since 2012 we’ve never included a letter opener. Having decided to include one we went to cult brand Tools To Live By for this beauty RRP 2.95

Alice in Wonderland stamp stickers

Stickers! You can never have too many and we’ve always been undecided as to which size are best. Currently, small stickers are winning as you can fit them into gaps on calendars and in notebooks and cover envelopes! These little darlings win on 2 further counts as they are shaped like stamps and feature Alice in Wonderland. We feel an Alice themed selection coming on. RRP £2.50

To do pad

And finally, summer doesn’t mean that you don’t have things to do. In fact, time out seems to get the brain coming up with all kinds of tasks that need to be done. So jot them down on this 80-page to-do pad from Midori. Each page has space for 9 tasks and you can add in a date and time as well as checking the task off. RRP £2.75

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