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Stationery and card selection for February 2020 from

Variety was what February’s selection for you was all about. Bright cards. More sedate stickers and notebooks. Adorable gift boxes.

Citrus birthday card

Get groovy with this 70s card. We couldn’t resist the bright colours. How about you? RRP £2.50 Buy now.

Little bear notebook

If you’re having a grey day know that Little Bear is too. It looks a bit drafty on that magic carpet. Or think about all the places he or she is going to visit cunningly protected by an umbrella RRP 4.35 Buy now

Alphabet stickers

We liked these for sealing envelopes. Or you could use them for spreads in your bujo (M is for March). RRP £2, Buy now.

Gift boxes

We make no apology to you for the busy designs covering these. The pretty colours and animals evoke a glorious feeling of spring getting ready to burst out. RRP 5.95 Buy now.

Blue and red striped card

We’ve all got someone who it’s difficult to buy cards for. The ones for who even usually neutral florals seem a bit unsuitable. We’re probably overthinking it. And you are too. But if you’re worried go with this one. RRP £2.50 Buy now