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Do you love handwritten letters, crave old-fashioned communication and adore receiving parcels in the post? We are purveyors of delightful stationery. We offer a monthly subscription service, individual pieces and curated collections.

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Stationery and slow living

Our musings on the slower life, stationery goodness and all sorts in between.

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London love

As we head off to the capital for this year's stationery trade shows (squeak!), we thought it was about time we put together some more London bundles. Though the city can be busy and overwhelming, London has its own unique magic - and it does weave its spell over you....

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Tips for after a bank holiday weekend…

... sigh. The return to work always feels rough, doesn't it? And Easter is a particularly sneaky bank holiday where you get two whole extra days off, and somehow that makes it even harder to go back. However, I have come up with some ways to beat this sneakiness and...

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An Envelope of Snippets for April

How has your April been so far? Has your bujo been decorated with bunnies, you desk covered in daffodils and your desk drawer filled with a secret chocolate egg stash? Or have been enjoying the lighter morning and evenings while sipping a cup of green Earl Grey...

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