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My Life in Stationery: Karen Julia

This month's Life in Stationery is the lovely Karen Julia, whose favourite ink colour is purple - and whose interview features brownies and secrets for left handed people. We couldn't resist! Without further ado: What's the best thing you've ever received in the post?...

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An envelope of snippets part 14

We're alternatively glorying in the delicious heat (sarong instead of a dressing gown, embracing the slower pace that the temperature insists on) and thinking that maybe we should get a bit more done and could do if only it was cooler! But enough of our ridiculous...

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Bullet Journal set up – August

In a delightful twist of irony, I have been so busy setting up & using my bullet journal, I utterly forgot to blog about it last week. The best laid plans... As I've finally left my day job to focus on my businesses full time, I had a lot to squish in this month, and...

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