Here comes the rain…

As I’m writing this the rain is setting in. The sky is grey. There’s  slight nip in the air and I’m thinking that a pair of socks would feel very cosy. It feels that summer is over. So it’s a time to look to the next season and what the months ahead hold. For us this is all about making lists, decluttering our space and looking back on the season we’ve just enjoyed. So grab a blanket and a pot of tea and investigate your 5 links for September


Links for September from Ink Drops - stationery by subscription

Links for September

Returning to study this September? Or just back to to work, with thoughts of finally learning Latin/vegan cookery/ballroom dancing? Whatever the case you might like to work out which character from Friends you share study habits with.

The old ones are the best. Here’s a short reminder of how to write a job list and action it. Don’t overthink it people!

Setting goals is the thing to do if you want to get on, right? Andrew Wright (@awilkinson) had a radical suggestion; don’t make goals for the new academic year .Set anti-goals

Can’t decide whether to set goals or not? Give yourself some time out with a live stream of kittens in a dollhouse.

And finally time for a shameless plug – don’t miss our Silly September sale. It’s our first sale ever. This is what we’ve got on offer:

Notebook bundle – 5 notebooks for £7 because you can never have too many notebooks

Postcard bundle – Just £3 and think of all the things you can do with cards from decor to bookmark to actually sending them to someone.

Card bundle – always have a card on hand  – sensible idea at a the silly price of 10 for £5.

Or pick up all 3 bundles for a ridiculous £12.95

Whatever your approach move int eh new season with purpose and remember stationery is there to be used, not hoarded!



Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash