Annastasia’s musings

January inspiration and goals spread from my bullet journal

Since taking up bullet journalling in the latter part of 2016 I really struggled to create a monthly spread that focuses on goals and intentions. My weekly spreads focus on specific tasks and I have project pages that list individual jobs for bigger things. I felt I should be creating some kind of bigger picture for my life but couldn’t quite see how to make it work each month.

Inspiration came in the form of 2 pictures I cut from magazines (advice from Ferris Bueller, and a glimpse of what Google’s new headquarters might look like). Then I was looking for somewhere to record what principles from Happiness at Home I was keeping in mind that month. Thirdly there was a comment I read somewhere that with bullet journals you could just fill in any gaps with tape!

And so just like that I had a new spread of things that were on my mind and that would inspire me through the month ahead. I didn’t need to go looking for a very grand plan, just one that went beyond a job list.

I’m happy to report that my sleep has increased making me a somewhat nicer and more even tempered person who has been keener to exercise and engage with life.

Carla’s musings

Illustrator Rhiannon Bull's bullet journal |


I spent the last Sunday in January planning in my studio with my very lovely and very talented illustrator friend Rhiannon Bull (watch this space for some of her work in our boxes!).

She was telling me how she’d bought a bright yellow bullet journal last year, and made it beautiful… and then been too nervous to use it in case because she might “spoil” it by writing in it (This is an ACTUAL ARTIST, guys – and even SHE can’t be doing with all the arty pages!!).

Illustrator Rhiannon Bull's bullet journal |

Fast forward to now, and she’s ditched the elaborate decoration and is using it in a more rough and ready fashion – and she says it’s made all the difference, and it’s now a useful tool and one that helps her organise her multifaceted and very creative life.

And me? It’s just made me feel a whole lot better about the fact that the closest I get to making mine beautiful is occasional washi tape and some My Little Pony stickers… but I couldn’t be without it, I love it too much!

My own favourite spread last month has to be my essentials for a life well lived… (and yes, that’s February next to it – I tried to count out blank pages so it would be at the end of January and start of February, and failed miserably so it’s now lurking a few days into February, despite being in the index for January…!

Carla's favourite January bullet journal spread |

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