An envelope of snippets for September

Here comes the rain…

As I’m writing this the rain is setting in. The sky is grey. There’s  slight nip in the air and I’m thinking that a pair of socks would feel very cosy. It feels that summer is over. So it’s a time to look to the next season and what the months ahead hold. For us this is all about making lists, decluttering our space and looking back on the season we’ve just enjoyed. So grab a blanket and a pot of tea and investigate your 5 links for September


Links for September from Ink Drops - stationery by subscription

Links for September

Returning to study this September? Or just back to to work, with thoughts of finally learning Latin/vegan cookery/ballroom dancing? Whatever the case you might like to work out which character from Friends you share study habits with.

The old ones are the best. Here’s a short reminder of how to write a job list and action it. Don’t overthink it people!

Setting goals is the thing to do if you want to get on, right? Andrew Wright (@awilkinson) had a radical suggestion; don’t make goals for the new academic year .Set anti-goals

Can’t decide whether to set goals or not? Give yourself some time out with a live stream of kittens in a dollhouse.

And finally time for a shameless plug – don’t miss our Silly September sale. It’s our first sale ever. This is what we’ve got on offer:

Notebook bundle – 5 notebooks for £7 because you can never have too many notebooks

Postcard bundle – Just £3 and think of all the things you can do with cards from decor to bookmark to actually sending them to someone.

Card bundle – always have a card on hand  – sensible idea at a the silly price of 10 for £5.

Or pick up all 3 bundles for a ridiculous £12.95

Whatever your approach move int eh new season with purpose and remember stationery is there to be used, not hoarded!



Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash

My Life in Stationery – Hannah

Hannah’s our latest Life in Stationery lady:

My Life in Stationery - Hannah |

Here’s what she told us:

What’s the best thing you ever received in the post?

Anything that’s a surprise…

What’s your current favourite stationery item?

My new Mint green fountain pen with green ink that I use for marking at school.

Are you a list maker?


Favourite ink colour?

Any shade of green or blue

Your favourite place to write?

In a beautiful notepad

Last thing you posted?

Some year 6 writing off to the local authority moderators. Very boring but important so I made sure I did it myself!

Where we’d normally put in a link, Hannah tells us she is a stationery fan who’s “far too old school to write blogs or host websites” . We are surprisingly pleased by this concept –  what could be better than old fashioned pen & paper, right? – and are delighted to have her Life in Stationery answers <3 


The Silly September sale is on its way

The Silly September sale - we're decluttering our notebook, postcard and greeting card stocks - delightful stationery dropped through your letterbox

Having one fresh start a year (you know where you make unreasonable promises to yourself that you then abandon) is no longer enough. September is the new January apparently. Only you’ve got a 4 month deadline, a sun tan and Christmas to look forward to. Unlike actual January where you’re recovering from an overdose of mince pies. Plus you’ve spent weeks of wearing a onesie and only have months of greyness ahead of you.

September has got us thinking about decluttering, our ongoing quest for early nights and Ink Drops turning 5 in October. The decluttering seemed the ideal place to kick off. Our list of decluttering spaces started off innocently enough with desks, files and computers. Then we got the bit between our teeth and thought it might be time that we had a stock declutter too. And what’s the best way to declutter? Why, have our own version of a garage sale.

Silly September sale

Our Silly September sale kicks off, unsurprisingly on 1 September. To keep it simple we’re offering bundle of notebooks, greeting cards and postcards.

Stock up on notebooks with 5 for £7, postcards at £3 for 6 and greeting cards are 10 for a fiver.

Prepare for the rest of 2017 by stocking up on stationery supplies.

Make a note in your diary

Pop a note in your diary (not your dairy) right now. Our sale starts at 9am on Friday. With Ink Drops HQ moving towards a more streamlined look we can focus on getting an early night. This gives the impression we sleep among the boxes of stationery. As if we drift off to the smell of new paper and scented erasers. Then we can focus on working out how to best celebrate being 5 (if Ink Drops was human it would have started school by now).

If need some decluttering inspiration have look at how we tackled it in 2015, or read about our previous approach to September.

Why our boxes aren’t boxes

We’re often referred to as a stationery subscription box company… which I guess technically we are, but if you’ve subscribed to or ordered from us, you’ll notice a slightly random thing…

Our boxes AREN’T BOXES.

Ink Drops parcels ready to post |

So why would we do such a heinous thing? Why would we go against the grain of a box company and package our stationery delights in anything other than, well, a box?


Our number one reason for choosing the sturdy envelopes instead of a box is postability – being able to fit through your letterbox so a) we live up to our tagline and b) you don’t waste precious free time galumphing around the local sorting office trying to prove that it’s your parcel and you’re allowed to take it home.

why our boxes aren't boxes |

Back in 2012 when we started, we did actually go around and measure various people’s letterboxes to see what the best size for our packaging should be, to both fit through a letterbox and fit our goodies into – needless to say we got some very odd looks, but we’re willing to do (almost) anything in the name of bringing you stationery! Our envelopes fit almost every letterbox, teeny tiny Victorian ones being the only exception (but if you live in a house with this kind of letterbox, you will be used to collecting more or less everything you receive in the post anyway).

Recyclability (totally a word)

A lot of the boxes out there are foil blocked, plastic coated and not terribly eco-friendly. We don’t bang on about it a lot, but Annastasia is vegan and Carla is a mermaid, and as such we care about our environment and we decided early on that we wanted our packaging to be as recyclable as possible.

why our boxes aren't boxes |

As such, we use paper bags for the inner wrapping and sturdy card envelopes for the outer, with paper labels or handwritten addresses. Our inserts are also all printed on paper, and our business cards are made from recycled pulp (courtesy of

We could buy printed plastic post bags – but we prefer cardboard 🙂

Very occasionally we use padded envelopes, which obviously have a plastic element to them – but only when nothing else will fit the contents, because obviously we want to make sure your order arrives with you in perfect condition!


Neither of us are particularly ones for following the rules – we’ll do it when we have to, but this didn’t seem like one of those occasions. When we started, the majority of subscription boxes were for beauty or wellbeing, contained little bottles, tubes & containers, and therefore needed to be a box.

Those beautifully branded boxes were a pretty novelty for the first few months, and then we started to notice people posting about having too many, stacking them and not knowing what to do with them (but not wanting to throw them out, or unsubscribe and stop receiving the contents).

We curate stationery, which means 90% of what we send out is nicely flat – or only as lumpy as a pen or washi tape. On the occasions we’ve had really chunky items (like boxed stickers, or giant washi tape), we’ve sourced some rather lovely boxes which are also cardboard, fully recyclable and fold flat for storage and reuse.

why our boxes aren't boxes |

So there you have it – a short history of why our boxes aren’t boxes, but our stationery box of delights is in fact perfectly packaged. (That only makes sense if you’ve read the whole post…!)

What are your thoughts?


New words, tree planting and someday – an envelope of snippets for August

Inspiration for August from Ink Drops - stationery by subscription |

We’ve been having a delightful August (if you exclude getting drenched while cycling last week). Happily the weather stayed dry enough to lie in the garden drinking tea and watching the Perseid meteor shower. Who doesn’t want to see shooting stars?

Delightful little things to explore in August

Enjoy the rest of the month.

P.s. If you feel like summer is slipping away you might want to look at our recent post on 3 ways to make the most of summer, or just declare that autumn can’t come too soon and order a Back to School mini subscription.

Photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash

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