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Do you love handwritten letters, crave old-fashioned communication and adore receiving parcels in the post? We are purveyors of delightful stationery. We offer a monthly subscription service, individual pieces and curated collections.

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Stationery and slow living

Our musings on the slower life, stationery goodness and all sorts in between.

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An envelope of snippets – links for December

  Woo hoo! It's the season for feeling festive. Sending cards and letters with added glitter is a perfectly normal activity. Everyone is making lists (and if they're Santa checking them twice). Plus the new year is on people's minds so diaries and planners are...

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4 questions to ask when planning for 2018

There’s just over a month until 2018 starts which for me means it’s time to start thinking about 2018 and what my plans will be. Plus it’s a handy distraction from dealing with Christmas preparation and worry about what to gifts to buy for the 3 secret santa schemes I...

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Staying seasonally organised

I'll be honest, I mean "seasonal" as in "Christmas", as I write this. I love the idea of having different organisation systems that run with the natural seasons, but frankly I have enough difficulty staying organised as it is! Without wanting to bang on too much about...

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