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Do you love handwritten letters, crave old-fashioned communication and adore receiving parcels in the post? We are purveyors of delightful stationery. We offer a monthly subscription service, individual pieces and curated collections.

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Stationery and slow living

Our musings on the slower life, stationery goodness and all sorts in between.

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Learning to letterpress

On Wednesday, we scrapped our usual Skype meeting and popped along to The Waiting Room, in Colchester (we’re still getting used to living in the same town!). We’ve been before for brunches and burlesque, but this time they had a letterpress takeover... read more

How I’m getting organised in 2015

Every year I try to find a way of making my life more organised. As a scanner personality I suspect I’d get bored using exactly the same system year after year. Additionally life doesn’t stay the same every year so it’s good to be flexible to... read more

Plans plus chaos equal happiness

It’s the season for making plans, having high expectations and hoping that everything will be wonderful. It’s also the season for getting stressed out when no one will play ball with your amazing plan and for setting yourself up for disappointment.... read more