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Welcome to Ink Drops

Do you love handwritten letters, crave old-fashioned communication and adore receiving parcels in the post? We are purveyors of delightful stationery. A monthly subscription service is offered, as well as individual pieces and curated collections.

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20th Oct 2014

When the universe says slow down

Today I have learned that sometimes, you just have to stop. Whether you want to or not. The last few weeks have been totally manic for a whole host of...

10th Oct 2014

The double notebook

Moving house. It requires lots of organisation, and allows stationery lovers to indulge in notebooks, folders, and sticky notes. However there is no getting round that there a lot of...

03rd Oct 2014
Carla's custom DIY daily planner | inkdrops.co.uk

DIY daily planner

The last quarter of the year is often when my thoughts turn to the following year’s diary, plans, goals and so on (unlike some of you lovely lot, who I...

27th Sep 2014

Guest post: Mimi’s Sensible September

We asked the very lovely Mimi, over at Little Sips of Tea, to tell us what Sensible September means to her. Here’s what she said… September is swiftly slipping away...