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Do you love handwritten letters, crave old-fashioned communication and adore receiving parcels in the post? We are purveyors of delightful stationery. A monthly subscription service is offered, as well as individual pieces and curated collections.

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22nd Aug 2014

Four papery planning products I can’t live without

I often spend time on Fridays and Sundays sorting out what’s happening in the week or two ahead. It’s the only way to stay on top of all the things...

15th Aug 2014

Ease yourself back in

  So you've been away from your usual routine for a few days. You've been away. Maybe it was business. Perhaps a visit family. Or you went on holiday. Possibly...

01st Aug 2014

Here’s one I made earlier

Packing always requires a list. It’s certainly true if you’re going away for a few days but in my opinion just as true for shorter excursions; from a day at...

27th Jul 2014
vintage radio

Why vintage matters

Vintage is such a controversial word in some circles these days. My friends and I have been dressing, and living, with a vintage, nostalgic slant, for years now, well before...