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27th Jul 2014
vintage radio

Why vintage matters

Vintage is such a controversial word in some circles these days. My friends and I have been dressing, and living, with a vintage, nostalgic slant, for years now, well before...

18th Jul 2014

You get to decide what simple means

A few years ago I acquired this simplified card at Selfridges and treated it as part fortune cookie, part instructions. Sadly in neither case has simplification descended on me. I...

14th Jul 2014

Finding unexpected joy in digital magazines

I am rather surprised to be writing this post. As a stationery fanatic, ex-librarian and general paper aficionado, the last thing I expected to love was digital editions of my...

04th Jul 2014

Booby trap your books

  Life is full of small delights. Piles of books waiting to be read. Bundles of letters. Amusing cuttings. Memories. Friends. Surprises. I've taken to attempt to bring these together...